Guru Bakthi

"Guru Bakthi" is the best form of "Bakthi". It showers one with great wisdom. It paves the path for self-realization.

Swami Sivananda says "One who does not have Guru bakthi will become like a flower without fragrance, like a cow who does not give any milk and like a body without life"

Vedas convey that God takes the shape of Sathguru.

Sage Arunagiri Nathar says "O! God , Come as a Guru and bless me"

The best guru bakthi is not seeing the guru as a human being but as GOD.

A guru’s pride is to bring up a disciple from his/her worst state to the best state. As such, It should be our ultimate goal to surrender to the feet of such Guru.

Guru Bakthi rejuvenates our lives.

Guru and Disciple

The enlightened guru emanates joy and peace. A guru is unaffected by feelings such as happiness, sorrow, fame, defame, respect, disrespect and stays calm always. A guru is detached from the bad qualities such as anger, ego, pride, lust, greed and has no like or dislike.

A guru has the heart of a child and clears the doubts of the disciples by his very appearance and sight. A guru’s presence lifts up a disciple with the spiritual tides and energizes the disciple.

It should be the aim of a disciple to surrender to the feet of such Guru. It is the right path to attain godliness. Only a guru can show the divine light. The root of guru bakthi is the unshakable faith in guru’s teachings.

Guru always lives in a disciple’s heart.

Kabir explains the importance of guru that “Guru and Govind are in front me. Whom should I praise and pray ? Long live Guru who showed me Govind (god)”.

Sathguru is the only being who can lead us from untruth to truth, dark to light and death to deathless eternal life. Sathguru can alter the fate of a disciple. Sathguru is the only being who is the messenger of god, friend of the world, the one who struggles hard for the betterment of the world and realizes all. Sathguru guides the suffering community to get relief from suffering. Guru’s sayings penetrate the heart of the disciple.

The disciple who venerates such a guru is freed from death. It is impossible to get freedom for a disciple without guru’s grace.

It should not be thought that just by showing signs of respect it is easier to get the blessings of a guru. It is only by following a guru’s important teachings a disciple can receive blessings of a guru.

The sincerity and bakthi towards the guru are the two wings of a disciple that would help to climb the mountain of wholeness. Guru is the way to “Moksha”. A disciple must seek for such a guru and reach his feet, venerate and meditate upon the guru always.