Mahasakthi Yogam
“An axis for Spiritual Re-erection”
“The body is the greatest mystery in the whole of existence. It is simply marvelous! In our body is the water of oceans, is the fire of the stars and the suns, is the air, our body is made of Earth and within is the Divine Kingdom”.

People who know this truth conquer the real meaning of existence.

Man needs a better body, a healthier body. Man needs all kinds of comforts and luxuries that the existence is ready to deliver. It is ready to give the paradise here now, but the man goes on postponing it. What happens is always today. To be born as human being is itself a great boon to regain the paradise within.

Mahasakthi Yogam is a convenient yogic practice and an access for understanding the fundamental mechanism of the body, mind and spirit to live with health, happiness and harmony.

It is a simple process with easy techniques to bring wholesome life maintaining the balance of physical, mental and spiritual harmony.

It is an universal application motivating to experience one’s Self, the ultimate aim of every human.
    The Triangular effect of Mahasakthi Yogam

On Physical Plane

    through simple physical exercises
  • physical ailments, strain and tiredness eliminated.
  • briskness, rejuvenation and good health for happy life.
  • proper understanding of the body
  • bio energy increased with tuned immunity

On Mental Plane

    through simple breathing techniques
  • mental stress, negative thoughts, bad habits and phobias ceased.
  • positive thoughts with good sleep and peace of mind
  • insomnia got ridden through proper relaxation
  • balancing the mind in all occasion.
  • memory capacity improves.

On Spiritual Plane

    through meditative techniques
  • power of awareness, regulation of thoughts.
  • gain presence of mind, courage and clarity of mind.
  • state of Tranquility understanding true Nature, religion, philosophy
  • art of surrendering
  • Realization of the Self, the Supreme Reality.

The main aim of Mahasakthi Yogam is to evaluate the very essence of Spiritual awareness in the minds of the whole man kind to live wholesome.

GuruMahan Maha Maharishi Paranjothiar, has generously presented thei unique system of Yoga to increase the priority for God Realisation to fulfill the noblest aim of emerging a New Golden Era of Peace with the unifies force and combined efforts of the God Realised personalities.