Guru Mahan
The Divine Childhood
Guru Mahan Maha Maharishi Paranjothiar was born on 11-02-1955 in Bhavani, Tamil Nadu, India. Bhavani is the Triveni Sangamam of South India- confluence of the rivers Kaveri, Bhavani and Amudha (It is a pilgrim centre, even from the Vedic age). Guru Mahan’s Parents were Thiru.Krishnamoorthy and Smt.Lakshmy Ammal. They deemed him to be a Thavamani, a son born after much penance. When he was older, he was called Jayamani.

At the age of seven, Jayamani had an out of body experience, and he realized he was different. He kept quiet about it, in case people thought him mad, and determined to pursue the quest himself. At an early age, accepted Swamy Vivekanandha as sprritual Guru. His youth was spent learning yoga and visiting various holy places as well as perusing holy scripts in the search for the truth. He trained in Hatha Yoga in a renowned school. His formal schooling ended at the Pre University level, as his parents could not afford a university education for him. He therefore worked as a lab assistant in a college. Yet he was persistent on his spiritual path. At the age 19 years old he was initiated into Kundalini Yoga from his Holiness Gnanavallal Praranjothi Mahan

Gurumahan Maha Maharishi Paranjothiar first undertook a 21days penance for the upliftment of the spiritual values of the people in December 1991. He meditated in his room in ‘Deiveeham’, the house in Bhavani. He emerged after 21 days of deep meditation, not eating, not speaking and not seeing anyone on 7 January 1992, the day of Great Guru Gnanavallal Paranjothy Mahan’s Samadhi Day. This penance was consecrated to the element Earth.

Gurumahan undertakes the Velvi or Penance for a period of 21 days every year for the past 27 years. During this period he abstains from Food and maintains silence and remains in the underground chamber of the Pyramid (Pranavalayam) in the Ashram campus. He started the 27th Penance on 18th December 2016 and was to conclude the same on 8th January 2017.

Guru Mahan has undertaken 27 holy penances, of 21 days each, in the years from 1991/1992 till last Velvi which finished on 08/01/2017 by meditating in a Pyramid constructed in Thirumoorthy Hills.